Uncle Mountain is a musical group living in Asheville, NC.

The purpose of this blog is to keep you updated on the life and times of Uncle Mountain.  This may include messages from the road, information about upcoming shows, or other announcements that we feel are important to us/you!

Spawning from friendships dating as far back as to the days of middle-school, Uncle Mountain’s music can’t help but have the personal touch, honest approach and hard-nosed accountability that comes standard with lifelong friends.  Steadily tinkering away in various basements and crawl spaces since they first discovered a four-track tape deck, Ryan Furstenberg, Ryan Lassiter, and Dan Shearin have together discovered the beauty of home recording, experimental arrangements, and how to sing, write, and live with one another.

Each song in Uncle Mountain’s set is a marriage of vision and spontaneous collaboration.  Three distinct songwriters with their own styles steer tunes in different directions until they’ve reach a destination, often one that they had never expected.  The result is one that they are proud of both in headphones and on stage, blending the organic soul of rock and folk with the lively percussion, rich harmonies and colorful textures from all of their favorite music from around the globe.


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